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This page contains minerals that I bought, traded or got as gifts during 2000. It also got some links to other separate pages.

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Mineral list
Jinshajiangite, Ilvaite, Pentlandite, Halite.


Jinshajiangite from Norra Kärr. The jinshajiangite is seen as two small brownish red spots to the left on the rock. There are also a couple of black magnesio arfvedsonite crystals in the small rock.
A gift from Håkan Ruuth during the 2000 SARF meeting.
(300 dpi, 800x600, k)

From Rio Marina, Elba, Italy.
An ilvaite crystal covered with rust. It shows a good crystal structure. With a square cross section. The crystal is terminated by four surfaces, forming a stubby top.
There are a smaller crystal on the side, also with nice crystal form. On the surface there are a number of rock crystals and some small black minerals.
Traded with Mr M. Heinricher.

Grains of pentlandite is included in this rock from Lainejaur. There are also a lot of pyrrhotite in this rock.
As a gift from Ingemar Johansson.
(Size 6x4x3 cm)

Massive halite from a salt mine in Poland.
A gift from Slobodan Jaric.
5x2.5x2.5 cm.

I traded some minerals with a chlub in USA and this is what I got back.
Andradite (demantoid variety)

Demantoide on a serpentinite matrix. The surface is covered with thousands of mm sized garnet crystals with a grass green color and high luster.
12x11x3 cm.

Massive topaz from Tördal, Norway.
10x8x5 cm.

Creedite from Halls Mine, Nye County, Nevada, USA.
This specimen is covered with small clear crystals with a pink hue. A real nice addition to my collection.
2.5x2.5x1.5 cm.

Pyroxmanganite from Sunnyside Mine, Lake Emma, Colorado, USA.
A massive piece of pyroxmangite with small traces of other minerals. It looks as it is some sulphides.
4x3x1.5 cm.

Grossular crystal from Sierra de Las Cruces, Mexico.
4x3x2 cm.

Cordierite from Sannidal, Kragerö, Norway.
The crystals are a little bit hard to see, but this specimen is made up of three bigger crystals and only smaller amount of quartz and some other host rock.
4x4x3 cm.

White hydrozinkite from Goodsprings, Nevada. USA.
A thin, 0.5 mm thick, crust of hydrozinkite covers parts of three sides. It shows a bluish-white fluorescense in shortwave UV.
6x3x2.5 cm.

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