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This page is devoted to some minerals I collected in 1/9-5/9 -97.
I made a trip to Mo i Rana, Norway to visit my friends Eli and Odd Finanger, and together we travelled around to a couple of places in Norway.
We were lucky with the weather and I had a wonderful time. I also had the opportunity to meet some of the other members of Rana Mineral Society.
The week in short terms... my diary.
  • Saturday 13/9, I arrive in Mo i Rana, Eli meets me outside of Mo i Rana. Went to a "Gutefest" at Kris Holstedt at the evening.
  • Sunday : A visit to Fauske for the garnets and a short detour to a marble quarry. Back to Båsmo in the night with rain pouring down.
  • Monday : A short visit to Altemark. Attended the monthly meeting with Rana mineral society. Barted some minerals.
  • Tuesday : Båsmo all day long. Epidote and kyanite.
  • Wednesday : A visit to Jon, barted a nice zircone.
  • Thursday : Altemark again, Found nice chloride apatite and dravite. Going back home. Packing all the stones. I got company up to Store Akesvatnet for collecting nice diopside stuffs.
  • Friday : mushroom picking in Tärna.
  • Saturday : Collected talc, ankerite and .... (Täljsten) at Laisholm. Back to Vindeln.


The Altemark talc mine is an underground mining operation, taken up in the talc surrounding a peridotite. It is reported about 30 different minerals from Altemark, but I don't have that list yet.
We found the following minerals there :
Chlor apatite, Talc, Antophyllite, Aktinolite, Dravite, Magnetite, Almandine, Biotite, Magnesite, Clorite, Hornblende, Quartz.
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In the Båtsmo area there are a number of places to look for minerals. There is a belt with Kyanite bearing schist passing right through this area, so the best places to look for it is along the coast, or where the rock is blown up for roads or houses.
We found kyanite in highly metamorph schist at the sea, but the rock were too hard to work with. We also found a ball of kyanite in some rocks where a new house were built. Look for quartz balls in the schist, often together with garnets (Almadines). Many new homes for sale are built on plots where you have to blast to get a flat surface.

About 1 km west of Båtsmo there is a road cutting where it is possible to find magnetite, Epidote (big xx), grossular (small xx). The stones from the roadcutting is used in the road itself about 1 more km to the west, but the most of the findings is already done by local collectors. The biggest epidote crystals collected there can be watched in the museum in Mo i Rana (owned by Chris Holstadt ???). We found Epidote (Dark green xx), Magnetite, Grossular, Calcite, Diopside, Titanite ( one clear lightbrown xx in calcite ).
( Kolla med Odd vad det ljusgröna är ? )

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Well, the Almadines from Fauske is a beauty for the eye. It is an exposure of the bedrock at the side of a mountain above a field. About 50m of the layer bearing almadines and staurolite is exposed. Here we picked large, well formed crystals right up from the ground. Only because there were bigger crystals in the mountain. Too bad that people isn't careful enough when they tries to removethem from the rock. The majority of the crystals were chopped right along the side of the rock.
It's a hard work ( expect an hour or two ) to get one of the biggest crystals out of the rock, but if you can manage with a minor piece, it's just to pick it up from the ground.
There are also one layer with staurolite. Big black crystals with fine surfaces. The only problem is that the top of the crystals is VERY brittle, and to make a nice piece in the collection is a pain in the . I have ruined a couple of crystals already, but I'm learning!

Maybe Fauske is famous for it's garnets, but for the most people the name is connected with "Fauske marble", exported even to Italy, I was told.
After the visit to the almadines, we went to the marble quarry.
The marble is very beautiful with red yellow and white. There is also veins of fuchsite which can add a green network to the marble, but for a geologist it was quite empty. Although I collected a couple of samples, and also some fuchsite.
We found a block of marble with some holes in it, but the small calcite crystals inside wasn't much to the world.

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Store Akersvatnet

Store Akersvatnet is a fantastic place. It is a water magazine for power production so the water level can change up to ten meters or more. (I don't know really.) We visited it in the fall when the water level was as highest, but we found a lot of diopside anyhow.
The geology is that a massive layer of impure carbonatic rock is exposed. In the carbonatic rock there is a lot of diopside and tremolite crystals which stands out of the stones. There seems to have eroded about 5 cm since the last ice age so there is a lot of stones with crystals penetrating it, with ends protruding out of both sides of the rock.
There is also some kyanite in the area. We found a vein with kyanite and some small traces of rutil near the kyanite. We also found a rock full of dravite with some kyanite and rutil.
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Barted minerals

I had some stones with me from Finland, Varuträsk and some other places which I used for trade. Some I bartered and some I sold. The following is the minerals I barted for or was given to me.
  • Brulitt, Baustein, Mosjöen. (Barted with Kriss)
  • Boulangerite, Nasa silver mine, Sweden. (Barted with Kriss)
    Yes I know, but it's only 7 km from a road in Norway, while it is 70 km from the Swedish side.
  • Anhydrite, Sulitjelma. (Barted with Kriss)
  • Andradite, Velfjord. (Barted with Kriss)
  • Calcite crystal, Sulitjelma. (Barted with Johan Haveng)
  • Zircon crystal, Seiland, Alta. (Barted with Johan Haveng)
  • Grossular (Hessonite), Beiarn. (Barted with Johan Haveng)
  • Titanite, Sulitjelma. (Barted with Arn-Sigurd Halmøy)
  • Tremolite, pseudomorph after diopside, Akersvatnet.
    (Barted with Arn-Sigurd Halmøy)
  • Tremolite, Elsfjord. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Calcite, Langas mine, Rana. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Stilbit, Sjulitelma. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Rock crystal, Hattfjelldal. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Rock crystal, Troms, Sätermoen. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Epidote, Tröndelag. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Thulite, Lervik, Tröndelag. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Thulite, Lom. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Thulite, Högtuva, Högfjellet. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Amazonite, Drag, Tysfjorden. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • Kyanite, Båtsmo. (Gift from Eli and Odd)
  • A plate with tremolite. (Gift from Eli and Odd)

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