Mineral description : Vandendriesscheite

Mineral class Oxides : Uraninite - Ianthinite group
Chemical formula PbU7O22.12H2O
Crystal system Orthorombic
Habitus Crystals up to 3mm, platy.
Cleavage Perfect on [001], brittle conchoidal smooth uneven splintery-->
Hardness 3
Density 5.45
Color Orange yellow to yellow.
Luster Adamantine, transparent to translucent.
Description A secondary uranium mineral.
Occurance In uranium deposits.
Associates Uranite, other secondary uranium minerals.
Notes Type Locality: Kasolo (Shinkolobwe), Katanga (Shaba), Congo (Zaire)
Locations A rare mineral in Scandinavia.
Sweden :
  • Lilljuthatten, Krokom, Jämtland. Ref : MinMag 46 pg 217, SGU C779 pg 21
Norway :
  • Einerkilen pegmatite, Evje. One find of orange yellow crystal aggregate on magnetite.
Finland : No localities known.

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