Mineral description : Valleriite

Mineral class Sulphides : Chalcocite group
Chemical formula 4(Fe,Cu)S.3(Mg,Al)(OH)2
Crystal system Hexagonal
Habitus Massive nodules, up to cm in size, tiny splinters, thin flakes or crusts.
Cleavage {001} excellent.
Hardness 1 or less, less than graphite.
Density 3.14
Color Bronce yellow, like pyrrhotine.
Luster Dull metallic, opaque.
Occurance As an alteration product of chalcopyrite or other copper minerals. Often in rocks gone through contact metamorphose.
Associates Chalcopyrite, cubanite, magnetite, serpentinite.
Notes Named after the Swedish mining geologist Göran Wallerius (1683 - 1742).
Localities A not so common mineral
Sweden :
  • Aurora mine, Ljusnarsberg, Västmanland.
  • Kaveltorp, Kopparberg.
  • Tunaberg, Södermanland.
  • Boliden, Västerbotten. As microscopical grains in chalcopyrite.
  • Lainijaur, Lappland. As microscopical grains in chalcopyrite.
  • Stekenjokk, Lappland. As microscopical grains in chalcopyrite.
Norway : Known from a number of small sulphide deposits in the Kaledonides.
  • Jakobsbakken mine, Sjulitelma. As lamellae in chalcopyrite.
  • Birtavarre, Troms. As small flakes or microscopic veins between grains of chalcopyrite.
Finland : waiting for data.

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