Mineral description : Turquoise

Turquoise bought in Crete.

Mineral class Phosphates : ???
Chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8.5H2O
Crystal system Triclinic
Habitus Usually massive, as veins, as mammillary masses or as powdery coatings. Rarely as small crystals.
Cleavage Conchoidal to smooth (massive).
Hardness 5-6
Density 2.6-2.8
Color Sky blue, blue green to grayish green. Almost opaque.
Streak White to greenish white.
Luster Waxy.
Description Turquoise is a popular gemstone and have been used for jewellery for thousands of years.
Occurance Turquoise is a secondary phosphate mineral that occurs in veins associated with aluminia rich sedimentary and eruptive rocks. Common in arid areas.
Notes Separated from chrysokoll by its higher hardness.
Locations Only known from one locality in Sweden.
  • Klösan, Örnsköldsvik. Found in 1983 ???

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