Mineral description : Tetrahedrite

Mineral class Sulphides : Tetrahedrite - Bournonite - Boulangerite group.
Chemical formula Cu12Sb4S13
Crystal system Cubic.
Habitus Tetraedric crystals. More commonly as grainy masses.
Cleavage None, uneven to subconchoidal fracture.
Hardness 3-4.5
Density 4.5-5.2
Color Black to gray.
Streak Dark gray.
Luster Metallic, matte.
Occurance In hydrothermal veins and pegmatites.
Notes Tetrahedrite and tennantite creates a continuous serie under the common name fahlerts.
Soluble in nitric acid.
Locations Relatively rare in Sweden but a few localities exists.
  • Gärdsjögruvan, Dalsland.
  • In the Skellefteå mining field, Västerbotten. (Boliden, Laver, Kristineberg and Lindströms mine.)
  • Getberget pegmatite, Äskja, Ångermanland.

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