Mineral description : Tenorite

Black tenorite on chrysocolla from Pahtohavare.

Mineral class Oxides : Cuprite - Zincite - Tenorite group
Chemical formula CuO
Crystal system Triclinic
Habitus Scaly, clay like or massive.
Cleavage None.
Hardness 3.5 - 4
Density 6.5
Color Black to steel gray, opaque.
Streak Black.
Luster Dull.
Occurance As a secondary copper mineral in copper deposits.
Associates Other secondary copper minerals.
Notes I have found two type localities!!!, I'll better check this out.(check crystal system too)
Type locality : Bisbee, Arizona, USA.
Type locality : Vesuvio (Vesuvius), Napoli, Campania, Italy.
Approved by IMA in 1960.
Named after the Italian botanist, M. Tenor (1781-1861).
Localities A rare mineral in Sweden
  • Pahtohavare, Kiruna, Lappland. As black fillings in fractures in crysocolla.
  • Viscaria, Kiruna, Lappland.

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