Mineral description : Spessartine

Chemical formula : Mn3Al2[SiO4]3
Hardness : 6.5-7.5
Density : 4.18
Color : Dark red, orange-yellow or brown.
Crystal form : Cubic. Usually rombdodecaedric or ikosatetraedric crystals, also as massive aggregates.
Luster : glas.
Habitat : Typically in granites and pegmatites, more seldom in contact metamorphic silikate formations.
Associates : .
Notes : A less usual garnet in Sweden.
Locations :
  • Finnbo and Kårarvet pegmatite quarry, Falun.
  • V. silvbergs mine, Ludvika.
  • Kobergs mine, Persberg.
  • In the Värmländska mangan mines (Långban, Harstigen, Nordmark and Sjögruvan).
  • Porjusvare, Porjus.
  • Ultevis in Jokkmokk township.

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