Mineral description : Skutterudite

Picture pending, skutterudite crystal from Morocco.

Mineral class Sulphides : Nickeline cobaltine skutterudite group
Chemical formula (Co,Ni)As3
Crystal system Cubic
Habitus Cubic rounded crystals. Massive.
Cleavage [100] distinct, [111] distinct.
Hardness 6
Density 6.8
Color Silvery grayish to steel gray, opaque.
Streak Black.
Luster Metallic.
Associates Erythrite, Annabergite.
Notes Type locality : Skutterud, Modum, Norway.
Often covered in a crust of green annabergite and red erythrite.
Forms a substitution serie with smaltite (more nickel) and chloantite (more iron).
Localities A rare mineral in Sweden.
  • Ålberga, Södermanland. As small crystals or massive.
  • Los, Hälsingland.
  • Vena, Askersund, Närke.
  • Sikforsgruvan, Hällefors.
  • Tunaberg, Nyköping, Södermanland.
  • Skellefteå mining district (Boliden, Lainijaur, Laver, Lindströmsgruvan).

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