Mineral description : Silver

Mineral class Elements : Copper-silver-gold group
Chemical formula Ag
Crystal system Cubic
Habitus As flakes, threads or branches, rarely as octaedric crystals.
Cleavage None, malleable. Hooky fracture.
Hardness 2.5-3
Density 10-12
Color Silvery white, but often with a black tarnish.
Streak Silvery white.
Luster Metallic
Description Used mainly for ornaments, coins, and silver jewelry as well as some medicinal purposes such as bactericides and antiseptics. Other usage is in photographics and electronics.
Occurance Occurs in low tempered hydrothermal veins with calcite.
In high tempered ore veins with sulfides and also as a secondary mineral in silver rich ores.
Associates Calcite, sulfides.
Notes Good electrical conductor.
Easily dissolved in nitric acid, gives a white yolk with natrium chloride.
  • Harmsarvsgruvan, Grycksbo, Dalarna. With achantite in quartsite.
  • Åmmebergsgruvan, Örebro län. In fractures in ore bearing leptite.
  • Svärdsjögruvan, Kopparbergs län.
  • Slädekärr mine, Dalsland.
  • Vassvik mine, Dalsland.

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