Mineral description : Scheelite

White scheelite crystal from Långban.
Diameter 5 mm.
Yellow flourescens in UV (Mn contaminated).
Scheelite in quartz from Björkdal gold mine.
White flourescens in UV.

Mineral class Sulphates (wolframates) : Crocoite-wulfenite-scheelite group
Chemical formula Ca(WO4)
Crystal system Tetragonal
Habitus Crystals often rounded dipyramidal or tabular. Also as massive or granular aggregates.
Hardness 4.5-5
Density 5.9-6.1
Color Colorless, white to yellowish and grey. Transparent to translucent.
Streak White.
Luster Vitreous to adamantine.
Description Scheelite is an ore of tungsten.
Occurance In hydrothermal veins, in contact methamorphic rocks and in pegmatites. It also occurs in scarn.
Associates Wolframite
Notes Strong bluish-white flourescece in UV.
Soluble in acids. Fuses with some difficulty.
Locations A common mineral in the Bergslagen. A number of mines is located in the Kopparberg - Grängesberg - Ludvika area.
  • Yxsjöberg, NNW Kopparberg.
  • Sandudden.
  • Wikströmsgruvan, N Kopparberg.
  • Älgfall, Kopparberg. In a garnet-calcite scarn.
  • Lagarudden.

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