Mineral description : Rutile

Rutile from Store Akervatnet.
Rutile from Tången.

Mineral class Oxides : Rutile cassiterite group.
Chemical formula TiO2
Crystal system Tetragonal
Habitus Crystals prismatic, often striated. Sometimes as thin needles in quartz. Also common as masses.
Twinning in the form of harts and elbows are common.
Cleavage Distinct, conchoidal to uneven fracture.
Hardness 6-6.5
Density 4.23
Color Dark brownish to black, also red or yellow.
Often opaque, but sometimes transparent.
Streak Brown to yellowish.
Luster Submetallic to adamantine.
Occurance In magmatic or metamorphic rocks, or in quartz veins in such rocks.
Associates Commonly found with kyanite in metamorphic rocks.
Notes Insoluble in most acids.
Locations A not so common mineral in Sweden.
  • Horrsjöberg, Värmland. Up to 10 cm nodules in kyanite quartzite.
  • Lilla Blåsjön, Frostviken, Jämtland. As fist sized balls in a quartz vein together with muscovite.
  • Kärringbricka, V. Färnebo, Västmanland. Up to 4 cm balls in a tourmaline bearing gabbro pegmatite.
  • Store Akersvatnet, Norway. Together with kyanite in a quartz vein.

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