Mineral description : Purpurite

Purpurite from Namibia.

Mineral class Phosphates : Vivianite - Skorodite - Triplite group
Chemical formula (Mn,Fe)(PO4)
Crystal system Orthorombic
Habitus As nodules surrounding alluaudite.
Hardness 4-4.5
Color Purpur red, silky to matte. Often with a brown to black surface of oxidation products.
Luster silky to matte.
Description Purpurite is an oxidation product that represents the end member of the serie lithiophilite/varulite/hagendorfite - alluaudite - purpurite. It's the manganeese rich analog to heterosite.
Associates Alluaudite, blue tourmaline, hagendorfite, lithiophilite.
Notes The brown tarnish is easily removed with hydrochloric acid. Be careful, or you will ruin your sample.
Occurs often as well formed rounded nodules with a kernel of alluaudite.
Locations One known locality in Sweden (but it probably exists more)
  • Varuträsk pegmatite, Skellefteå, Västerbotten. As nodules up to a few cm with centers of alluaudite.

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