Mineral description : Psilomelane

Psilomelane as small nedles in manganite from Bölet.

Mineral class Oxides : Pyrolusite - Manganite group
Chemical formula (Ba,Mn)3(O,OH)6
Crystal system  
Habitus Botryidal aggregates or earthy masses. It also forms as dendrites.
Hardness 6 (or lower on earthy variants)
Color Black to dark gray.
Streak Brownish black.
Luster Submetallic to dull.
Occurance Often as weathering products from other manganeese minerals.
Locations Not so common in Sweden.
  • Skidberget and Nålberget, Leksand area, Dalarna. As earthy crusts and aggregates in brecciated quartzite.
  • Stollgruvan, V. Silvberg, Dalarna. As dendrites.

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