Mineral description : Perovskite

Mineral class Oxides : Perovskit - Pyrochlor - Columbite group
Chemical formula CaTiO3
Crystal system Orthorombic.
Habitus Often as striated cubic crystals. Other forms are pseudo hexagonal and reniform.
Cleavage [100], [010] and [001] good. Fracture conchoidal.
Hardness 5.5
Density 4
Color Often brownish but occurs in pale yellow to reddish brown and black nuances.
Streak pale yellow to grayish white.
Luster Submetallic to adamantine.
Occurance In chlorite, talc and sepentinite rock.
Locations A rare mineral
  • Alnön, Sundsvall, Medelpad. As small black to brown cubic crystals together with apatite and pyroxene in sövite.

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