Mineral description : Pentlandite

Pentlandite and pyrrhotite in gabbro from Lainejaur, Sweden.

Mineral class Sulphides : Pyrrhotine - Pentlandite group.
Chemical formula (Ni,Fe)9S8
Crystal system Cubic.
Habitus Crystals rare. Often as massive aggregates.
Cleavage None, fracture uneven to conchoidal.
Hardness 3.5-4
Density 4.6-5.2
Color Pale bronce yellow.
Streak Bronce brown.
Luster Metallic.
Description Used as a major nickel ore.
Occurance In basic igneous rocks as gabbro.
Associates Pyrrhotine, cubanite, bravoite and chalcopyrite.
Notes Fuses easily, leaving a led gray bead.
Locations Pentlandite have been mined in a number of mines in Scandinavia.

Sweden :

  • Lainejaur, Västerbotten.
  • Los, Slällberg, Kuså and Gaddbo, central Sweden.
  • Glavagruvan, Småland.

Norway : (to come)

Finland : (to come)

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