Mineral description : Molybdenite

Picture pending, molybdenite from Bergslagen (Bastnäs, Västerås, Bäckegruvan).
Molybdenite crystal from Svartsång mining field, Persberg, Värmland.
Molybdenite crystal from Bandaksli, Norway.

Mineral class Sulphides : molybdenite group
Chemical formula MoS2
Crystal system Hexagonal
Habitus Often as flaky aggregates, crystals thin and hexagonal.
Cleavage Basally. Easy to remove small flakes.
Hardness 1-1.5
Density 4.7
Color Lead gray to bluish gray.
Streak Dark gray to black.
Luster Metallic
Occurance Occurs in pegmatites and granites.
Associates Other sulphides.
Notes Gray streak on paper.
Doesn't conduct current as good as graphite.
Locations A widespread mineral. Commonly in a number of iron and sulphide ore mines in Sweden Also common in granites and pegmatites.
  • Alseda, Småland.
  • Bispberg and Skommarbo, Dalarna.
  • Kolsva, Västmanland. As crystals.
  • Aspgruvan, Västerås.
  • Vähävara, Lappland.

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