Mineral description : Lithiophilite

Lithiophilite from Varuträsk.
Note the rim of blue tourmaline.
Lithiophilite from Varuträsk.
Lower left side shows a weathered surface.

Mineral class Phosphates : Amblygonite - Pharmakosiderite group.
Chemical formula Li(Mn,Fe)PO4
Crystal system Orthorombic
Habitus Crystals are poorly developed, often embedded in masses. Often found as compact cleavable masses.
Cleavage Basally perfect, imperfect in two directions. All cleavages are at right angles to each other.
Hardness 4-5
Density 3.34-3.5
Color Yellowish brown to yellowish green, transparent to translucent.
Brown to black on weathered surfaces.
Streak White to grayish white.
Luster Resinous to vitreous.
Description A primary lithium phosphate common to many pegmatites. Easily transformed into a number of secondary phosphates.
Occurance In lithium pegmatites.
Associates Blue tourmaline, cleavelandite.
Notes Lithiophilite is the manganeese analog of triphylite which it forms a solution series with.
Sometimes partly transformed into sicklerite and purpurite.
Type locality : Branchville, Redding, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, USA.
Locations A scarce mineral in Sweden with one locality.
  • Varuträsk, Västerbotten. As up to 3 cm nodules surrounded by blue tourmaline and quartz in cleavelandite.

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