Mineral description : Kaolinite

Kaolinite from Varuträsk pegmatite.

Chemical formula Al2(OH)4(SiO5)
Hardness 2-2.5 or less
Density 2.58-2.60
Color yellow grey to brown
Luster Dull.
Description Often as mealy or clay-like masses.
Notes Softened or silted up by water. Formed by weathering of feldspar and other aluminium minerals.
  • Varuträsk pegmatite
  • Blåkullaberg
  • Smedjebacken with quartz crystals
  • Mejdeåsen quartz quarry
  • Björbo together with smoke quartz
  • Taberg mine, Nordmark.
Locally it is very common in Skåne where it have been mined in several places.
  • Bjuv
  • Axeltorp
  • Ivön

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