Mineral description : Hollandite

Mineral class Oxides : Pyrolusite - manganite group
Chemical formula Ba2Mn8O16
Crystal system Monoclinic pseudo Quadratic (Tetragonal)
Habitus As elongated prismatic crystals. Also as fibric aggregates.
Cleavage Clear prismatic cleavage.
Hardness 6, less on fracture surfaces.
Density 4.95
Color Dark gray to black.
Streak Dark brown to black.
Luster Metallic.
Associates Baryte, microcline.
Notes Litterature : Litofilen 1997:2
Locations An uncommon mineral with a good locality in Sweden.
  • Ultevis district (Stuor Njuoskes, Sörhårås, Tjatitvare), Lappland. As up to 50 cm fibric or columnar crystal aggregates in manganese ore veins.

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