Mineral description : Herderite

Herderite from Viitaniemi, Finland.
A small crystal in the center of the picture.

Mineral class Phosphates
Chemical formula CaBe(PO4)(F,OH)
Crystal system Monoclinic, class 2/m, space group P21/c, Z=4
Habitus Crystals stout prismatic or thick tabular. Commonly pseudo orthorombic.
Cleavage Poor cleavage
Hardness 5-5.5
Density 2.9-3.0
Color Colorless to pale yellow, light green, purple.
Luster Vitreous.
Occurance In pegmatites.
Associates Microcline
Notes Soluble in most acids.
Locations Not found in Sweden.
  • Viitaniemi, Finland.
  • Nice crystals from Minas Geraes, Bavaria, Saxony and Mursinsk - Ural.

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