Mineral description : Hematite

Hematite from Bastnäs.
Hematite from Kiruna.
Crystallised as leafs with quartz filling up the space between.
Hematite from Långban.

Mineral class Oxides : Hematite - Ilmenite - Magnetite group.
Chemical formula Fe2O3
Crystal system Trigonal.
Habitus Flat tabular or rhomboedric crystals. Also as rose formed aggregates of crystals, "iron roses". Mostly as compact or grainy masses.
Cleavage None, fracture uneven to subconchoidal.
Hardness 5-6
Density 5.26
Color Black or steel gray, sometimes with iridiscent surface.
Streak Blood-red.
Luster Metallic.
Description An important ore of iron.
Occurance Both in magmatic and metamorph rocks. Sometimes in pegmatites and only rarely in sedimentary rocks.
Notes Pseudomorphs of magnetite consisting of hematite is called Martite.
Locations A very common mineral with a number of mines in both Bergslagen and Lappland. A number of localities with crystals exists :
  • Harstigen, Persberg, Värmland. As flat crystals together with baryte.
  • Långban. As small crystals in calcite.
  • Malmberget, Lappland. Rich findings of tabular crystals up to 5 cm.
  • Grängesberg, Dalarna. As big flat crystals.

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