Mineral description : Grossular

Grossular from Braxenbol.
Grossular from Gåsgruvan.
Grossular from Herräng.
Grossular from Bejarn, Norway.
Grossular from Beiarn, Norway.
Variety : Hessonite.
Grossular from river Vilut, Sibiria, Russia.

Chemical formula : Ca3Al2[SiO4]3
Hardness : 6.5-7.5
Density : 3.53
Color : Yellow, red, brown, pale green.
Crystal form : Cubic. Usually rombdodecaedric or ikosatetraedric crystals.
Luster : glas.
Habitat : Typically in regionally metamotphosed unpure carbonatic rocks.
Associates : Wollastonite and vesuvian.
Notes : The green variant is rare.
Does not glow when heated (see Andradite ).
Locations :
  • Vikströmsgruvan south of Grängesberg.
  • At many places in the Bergslagen mine field.

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