Mineral description : Graphite

Picture pending, graphite from Djupsund, Västerbotten.
Graphite in quarts from a railroad bank, Umeå.

Mineral class Elements : Graphite-diamond group
Chemical formula C
Crystal system Hexagonal
Habitus Usually as flaky folded masses, sometimes as flat hexagonal crystals.
Hardness 1
Density 2.23
Color Gray to black.
Streak Dark gray, colors paper.
Luster Half metallic to dull.
Occurance Occurs in highly metamorphic rocks, but also in pegmatites and hydrothermal veins.
Notes A good electrical conductor.
Locations A common mineral in many parts of Sweden. Even mined in some places.
  • Skrammelfallsgruvan, Norberg area.
  • Skälsta, Uppland.
  • Vittangi, Norrbotten.
  • Råneå, Norrbotten.
  • Outside Härnösand, .

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