Mineral description : Gersdorffite

Massive gersdorffite from Lainejaur, Sweden.

Mineral class Sulphides : Nickeline - Cobaltine - Skutterudite group
Chemical formula NiAsS
Crystal system Cubic
Habitus Crystals octahedral, sometimes with traces from cubic surfaces. Also exist as striated pyritohedral crystals, like pyrite. Often massive.
Cleavage Perfect on {100}, fracture uneven, brittle.
Hardness 5.5
Density 5.9
Color Silvery white to steel gray, opaque. When tarnished, gray to black.
Streak Grayish black.
Luster Metallic.
Description Sometimes used as a nickel ore.
Occurance In hydrothermal deposits formed at moderate temperatures.
Associates Nickeline, nickel-skutterudite, ullmanite, siderite.
Notes Named after the von Gersdorffs, the owners of the nickel mine in Schladming, Austria. (circa 1842)
Localities A rare mineral in scandinavia. Sweden :
  • Lainejaur, Malå, Lappland. As massive veins in gabbro together with pyrrhotite, nickeline and chalcopyrite.
  • Alnön, Sundsvall, Medelpad.
  • Brunflo, Jämtland.
  • Getö stora silvergruva (Getö large silver mine), Getön, Filipstad, Värmland.
  • Los, Ljusdal, Hälsingland.
  • Muonionalusta, Pajala, Norrbotten.
  • Tunaberg, Nyköping, Södermanland.
Norway :
  • Store Sletter, Oslo fjord. In a small ore vein as crystals in chalcosite or sphalerite.
  • Vakkerlien nikkelskjerp, Kvikne. In a small sulphide zone bordering a gabbro.
Finland :
  • Saattopora gold mine, Kittilä, Lappland. As a minor mineral accompanying the gold ore.
  • Asikkalan Kalkkinen, north of Lahti. In gabbro.
  • Enonkosken, Laukunkankaan.
  • Haapajärven, Katajaperä.
  • Plus a number of other localities, see "Suomen mineraalit".

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