Mineral description : Galena

Image pending : galena from Sala silver mine.

Galena from Ångermanälven, south of Vilhelmina, Västerbotten.

Galena from Cornwall, England.

Mineral class Sulphides : galena group
Chemical formula PbS
Crystal system Cubic
Habitus Crystals often as cubes, but also octaedric. Also as massive grainy to coarse aggregates.
Cleavage Cubic cleavage (characteristic)
Hardness 2.5
Density 7.4-7.6
Color Led gray.
Streak Gray
Luster Metallic on fresh surfaces, matte tarnish.
Occurance In hydrothermal veins with sphalerite. As impregnations in sandstone (sedimentary). Also common in limestone as contactpneumatotic occurencies.
Associates Flourite and sphalerite.
Locations A common mineral in Sweden, rarely as crystals.
  • In the randzone of the caledonides. As impregnations in sandstone.
  • In many of the mines in Skellefteå mining field.
  • In many of the sulphide bearing mines in Bergslagen mining field. Galena can be found as crystals in
    • In the Nordmark mines. As small crystals in holes with sphalerite and baryte.
    • Knollegruvan, Dalsland. As small crystals in dolomite.
    • Gladsax and Gislöv in Skåne. As up to 1cm crystals with flourite bearing calcite veins.
    • Solberga, Boda, Dalarna. As small crystals in cracks in limestone.
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