Mineral description : Fuchsite

Fuchsite from Horsmanaho, Finland.
With quartz and some sulphide.
Fuchsite from Åsengruvan.
Fuchsite from Altemark, Norway. In calcite.

Mineral class Silicates : Phyllosilicates : Mica group.
Chemical formula K(Al,Cr)2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2
Crystal system Monoclinic
Habitus Flakes and laminar aggregates.
Cleavage Perfect.
Hardness 2-2.5
Density 2.77-2.88
Color Emerald green.
Luster Vitreous (glassy).
Occurance In schist, dolomites and basical rocks, as peridotites and serpentinites.
Notes Fuchsite is not considered as an unique mineral. It is only a chromium rich variety of muscovite.
Locations A rare mineral in Sweden, but a few localities exists.
  • Pullerogruvan, Grängesberg.
  • Boliden, Västerbotten.
  • South of Pajala, Norrbotten.
  • Ruotasåive, north-west Karesuando, Lappland.
  • Handöl soapstone quarry, Jämtland.
  • Altemark, Mo i Rana, Norway. As thin layers in calcite.
  • Fauske, Norway. As green layers in marble.
  • Horsmanaho, Finland. Common as a green schist with quartz and sulphide.

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