Mineral description : Fluorite

Fluorite from Norberg, Västmanland.
Fluorite as small balls of crystals.
From Surahammar, Västmanland.
Massive crack fillings of fluorite, seen from the side.
From Surahammar, Västmanland.
Fluorite, unknown locality.
Very strong fluorescense.
Fluorite crystal, unknown locality.

Mineral class Halogenides : Luoorite - Kryolite group
Chemical formula CaF2
Crystal system Cubic.
Habitus Crystals common as cubes , octahedra and dodecaedras. Sometimes as massive or grainy, banded structures.
Cleavage Perfect octahedral, conchoidal fracture.
Hardness 4
Density 3.1-3.3
Color Almost every color. Purple, green, colorless, white, yellow, pink, red, blue and black. Transparent to translucent.
Streak White.
Luster Vitreous.
Description An important technical mineral, used as flux in steel and aluminu production.
Occurance Forms in hydrothermal veins with different sulphides. Also in pegmatites and volcanic rocks.
Associates Various sulphides, quartz, calcite, dolomite, barite.
Notes When broken, the perfect octahedral cleavage produces triangular shapes on the corners of the cubic crystal.
Insoluble in nitric acid and hydrocloric acid.
Soluble in sulphuric acid, forming hydrofluoric acid. WARNING : hydrofluoric acid are highly toxic, a drop on a finger leads to amputation! It is also highly reactively, etching silicates (eg glass).
Colors a flame brick red.
Locations A rather common mineral in Sweden, especially in massive form.
  • Bergslagen : Yxsjöberg, Norberg mining field, Grängesberg, V. Silvberg.
  • In the mining fiels in Norrland.
  • Surahammar, Västerås. With amethyst in up to 5 cm wide weins in fractured granite. Also as small spherical aggregates in cavities.
Good crystal localities are also common.
  • Simrishamn area (Brantevik, Gladsax, Onslunda, Tunbyholm). Rich druses with yellow and blue cubic crystals up to a couple of cm together with galena.
  • Nordmark minig field. Blue or green octaedric crystals in calcite filled cavities.
  • Solberga limestone quarry, Boda. Brown and yellow cubes in veins with pyrite and galena.
  • Knollegruvan, Dalsland. Pale green crystals up to 1 cm with ankerite and quartz crystals.
  • Bölet manganeese mine, Karlsberg area. As small dark violet crystals with baryte, manganite and more.

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