Mineral description : Copper

Copper from Kondopoga, Karelia, Russia.

Mineral class Elements : Copper-silver-gold group
Chemical formula Cu
Crystal system Cubic
Habitus As flakes or branches, rarely as octaedric crystals.
Cleavage None, malleable.
Hardness 2.5-3
Density 8.9
Color Red on fresh surfaces. Often with black or green tarnish.
Streak Copper red.
Luster Metallic
Notes Easily dissolved in nitric acid, solution is colored blue by ammoniac.
Locations A rare mineral in Sweden.
  • Jakobsberg mine, Nordmark. As small flakes in hausmanite impregnated dolomite.
  • Harstigen, Långban and Pajsberg, all near Persberg.
  • Sunnerskogs copper mine, Småland.
  • Grängsbo copper mine, Gästrikland.
  • Falu mine.
  • Norberg, Västmanland.
  • Malmberget, Lappland.
  • Kristineberg, Lappland.
  • Garpenberg, Dalarna.

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