Mineral description : Brucite

Brucite from Mosjöen, Norway.
Brucite as white foliated masses from Tallgruvan.

Mineral class Oxides : Hydragillite diaspore group.
Chemical formula Mg(OH)2
Crystal system Hexagonal
Habitus Occurs as hexagonal lamellaes, often as folded platy masses or fine grained aggregats. It can also be fibrous
Cleavage Perfect, as nonplastic flakes.
Hardness 2.5
Density 2.38-2.40
Color Reddish yellow, brown, greenish gray to white.
Streak Vhite.
Luster Pearly on cleavages, else greasy to silky.
Occurance In methamorph, lowtempered schists, as chlorite and talc schists.
As contact metamorphic mineral in dolomite.
Also in low tempered veins in carbonatic rocks.
Locations Locally very common in some mines.
  • Ladugruvan, Gåsgruve mining field, Persberg, Värmland. As foliated pearly masses in magnetite or as brownish yellow grains in limestone.
  • Tallgruvan, Norberg mining field. As white foliated masses.
  • Långban, Värmland. As thin white fillings in cracks in haussmanite and dolomite.

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