Mineral description : Bornite

Bornite from Fröå.

Mineral class Sulphides : Chalkopyrite - bornite group
Chemical formula Cu5FeS4 -->
Crystal system Ortorhombic.
Habitus Crystals rare. Often as compact grainy masses.
Cleavage [111] very poor, octahedral, fracture conchoidal.
Hardness 3
Density 4.9 - 5.3
Color Reddish bronze, purple, opaque.
Streak Grayish black.
Luster Metallic.
Description Bornite is an important copper ore.
Occurance In igneous rocks, pegmatites, hydrothermal veins. Also in the oxidation zones of copper deposits together with malachite.
Notes Often gets a bluish tarnish on exposed surfaces.
Easily soluble in acids.
Named after the Austrian mineralogist, I. von Born (1742-1791).
Approved by IMA in 1960.
Also known as "Brokig kopparmalm".
Localities A common mineral in many copper deposits
  • Nautanen area, Lappland. In quartz veins.
  • Sjangeli, Lappland. In quartz veins.
  • Tärna fjells, Lappland. In quartz veins.
  • Liikavaara. In quartz veins.
  • Fridhem. In quartz veins.
  • Fröå, Åreskutan, Jämtland. In veins in quartzite.
  • Garpenberg, Dalarna.
  • Mårtanberg.
  • Kallmora, Norberg, Västmanland.
  • Tunaberg.
  • Ingelsgruvorna, Linde.
  • Riddarhyttan.
  • Utö.
  • Åtvidaberg.
  • Gladhammar.
  • Skrikerum.
  • Sunnerskog.

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