Mineral description : Bismuthinite

Bismuthinite on top of allanite.
From Bastnäs.

Mineral class Sulphides : Antimonite bismuthinite orpiment group.
Chemical formula Bi2S3
Crystal system Orthorombic
Habitus Prismatic to needle like striated crystals. Commonly as compact to grainy aggregates. Also in fibrous or foliated habitus.
Cleavage Perfect along the crystal, uneven fracture.
Hardness 2
Density 6.8
Color Led gray to silvery white.
Streak Led gray.
Luster Metallic.
Occurance In high temperature hydrothermal veins.
Associates Often with red kermesite or yellow antimony ockra as surface alterations.
Notes Doesn't fuse in a match flame.
Soluble in nitric acid, leaving flaky particles of sulphur on the surface.
In Sweden also known under the name vismutglans.
Locations A rare mineral in Sweden with a few good localities.
  • Åskagen kvartsbrott, Värmland. Commonly in brecciated quartz.
  • Bastnäs, Västmanland. Relatively common as small needles in allanite bearing cerite ore.
  • Nordmark, Värmland. In fractures in limestone, rare.
  • Also known from Boliden, Falun and Svartviksgruvan in Dalarna.

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