Mineral description : Berzeliite

Berzeliite as a yellow aggregate.
From Långban.

Mineral class Phosphates : Wavellite - Lazulite group.
Chemical formula (Ca,Na)3(Mg,Mn)2(AsO4)3
Crystal system   Cubic.
Habitus Crystals rare. Often as grains or grainy aggregates.
Cleavage None.
Hardness 4.5-5
Density 4.1
Color Strongly yellow, sometimes yellowish brown to greenish. Transparent.
Streak White, sometimes orange yellowish.
Occurance In scarn and fractures in metamorph limestone in manganeese ores.
Notes Easily soluble in hydrocloric acid and nitric acid.
Locations A rare mineral with some good localities in Sweden.
  • Långban, Värmland. Easily found together with hausmannite, manganophyll and caryinite.
  • Sjögruvan, Grythyttan.
  • Mossgruvan, Nordmark.

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