Mineral description : Berzelianite

Mineral class Sulphides : Chalcocite group
Chemical formula Cu2Se
Crystal system Cubic
Habitus Crystals wery rare. As thin dendritic crusts, powdery inclusions or fine grained.
Cleavage Fracture uneven, somewhat malleable.
Hardness 2
Density 6.71
Color Silver white, but often with a black tarnish.
Streak Shiny.
Luster Metallic.
Occurance In hydrothermal veins or calcite veins.
Associates Other selenide minerals, eucairite, clausthalite, tiemannite, umangite, klockmannite, aguilarite, crookesite, athabascaite, stromeyerite, polybasite, pearceite, gold, uraninite, pyrite, marcasite, calcite.
Notes Named after the Swedish chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848), the discoverer of selenium.
Localities A rare mineral
Sweden :
  • Skrikerum copper mine, Valdemarsvik, Småland. Easily found grayish black impregnations in calcite veins in serpentine.

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