Mineral description : Bastnasite

Bastnasite from Bastnäs. The dark yellow part to the right.
Yellow bastnasite from Bastnäs. With black allanite, red cerite and green aktinolite.

Mineral class Calcites : Bastnasite-Dawsonite group.
Chemical formula Ce(F/CO3)
Crystal system Hexagonal
Habitus As compact and earthy masses.
Hardness 4-4.5
Density 4.9-5.2
Color Wax yellow to light reddish-brown.
Luster Vitreous, greasy.
Occurance As crusts on weathered cerite ore.
Associates Cerite
Notes Type locality is in Bastnäs, Sweden.
Locations A rare mineral with a couple of good localities in Sweden.
  • In Bastnäs. cerite mine, Riddarhyttan, Västmanland.
    Commonly as yellow to brown yellow crusts on weathered cerite.
  • Norbergs mine field.
    • Åsgruvan.
    • Stripåsen.
    • Östanmossa.
    • S. Hackspiksgruvan.
  • Trimouns, France. With crystalline talc.
  • Ilimaussaq, Greenland.
  • Zomba district, Malawi.

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