Mineral description : Aragonite

Aragonite from Morocco

Chemical formula CaCO3
Hardness 3.5-4
Density 2.93-2.95
Color usually colorless, but also in weak colours.
Luster glas.
Description .
Habitat Occurs as a pseudomorph after gypsum and calcite. Aragonite is usually deposited from hot solutions, calcite from cold. Aragonite is often found in cracks and cavities, with iron ores, in hot springs and geysers.
Associates zeolites, siderite, gypsum, sulfur and celestite.
Notes Reacts violently with hydrochloric acid, but not as violent as calcite. Fluorescent with bluewhite light.
Locations A common mineral but unusual in Sweden. Best locations in the Värmländska mangan mines. In Långban as needle crystals or as crusts in holes.

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