Mineral description : Annabergite

Annabergite coating on nickel ore from Telkkälä, Finland.
Annabergite covering a vein of gersdorffite, from Lainejaur, Sweden.

Mineral class Phosphates : Torbernite - Carnotite - Annabergite group.
Chemical formula Ni3(AsO4)2.8H2O
Crystal system Monoclinic.
Habitus Flattened striated blades or radiating accicular crystals. Often as thin earthy encrustations.
Cleavage [010] perfect, fracture brittle, flaky.
Hardness 2
Density 3.1
Color Green to pale green.
Streak Light green.
Luster Vitreous, adamantine to dull, transparent to translucent.
Occurance As an oxidation product associated with nickel ores.
Associates Nickel ores, Nickeline.
Notes Type locality : Annaberg, Sachsen, Germany.
Also called "Nickel bloom".
Thin flakes are flexible.
Locations Not so common in Sweden.
  • Lainejaur, Lappland, Sweden. As thin surfaces on nickeline and gersdorffite.
  • Gladhammargruvan, Småland, Sweden.

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