Mineral description : Andradite

Andradite from velfjorden, Norway.
Massive and 12mm xx to the right.

Chemical formula : Ca3Fe2[SiO4]3
Hardness : 6.5-7.5
Density : 3.75
Color : Usually black, but also red, brown, yellow and green.
Crystal form : Cubic. Usually rombdodecaedric or ikosatetraedric crystals.
Luster : glas.
Habitat : Occurs only in contact metamorphic carbonatic rocks, or in carbonatic oxidised scarn.
Associates : .
Notes : Glows when heated (see Grossular ).
Locations :
  • Yxsjöberg mine, Örebro län. Red crystals with scheelite, hedenbergite...
  • Stripåsen copper mine, Norberg. Lots of dark brown crystals.
  • Lindbo carbonatic quarry, Västanfors, Västmanland. Big black rombododekaedric crystals.
  • Körbergets carbonatic quarry and Penninge mine, Hofors. Lots of black crystals in calcite.
  • In carbonatic quarrys around Skinskatteberg.

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