Mineral description : Amber

Amber from Ostpreussia.

Mineral class Organic
Chemical formula Fossilised resin.
Crystal system Amorph.
Habitus As aggregates.
Density 1.05-1.1
Color Brownish red to orange.
Luster Resinous.
Description A fossilised resin from tertiary forests. Sometimes with insects or plants inside.
Occurance Often in sedimentary deposits.
Notes Easy to carve with knife.
Can be burned.
Floats in seawater (commonly found at the coast after storms).
Locations Often found in Skåne
  • Between Århus and Kivik.
  • Between Treleborg and Skanör.
  • At Börringe.
Sporadic findings have been done at the coasts of Halland, Blekinge and Öland.

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