Mineral description : Almandine

Almandines from Tärnaby.
Almandines from Låktatjokka.
Almandine from Tärnaby.
Almandines from Tärnaby.
Almandines from Fauske, Norway.
The little crystal is 34mm and the big one 50mm.
Another sample of the garnets at Fauske. Big crystal 37mm.

Chemical formula : Fe3Al2[SiO4]3
Hardness : 6.5-7.5
Density : 4.25
Color : Pink, red, brownred, black.
Crystal form : Cubic. Usually rombdodecaedric or ikosatetraedric crystals.
Luster : glas.
Habitat : Occurs in highly metamorphic rocks, as granulite and gneiss. In aluminum rich schist it's possible for all iron to enter the almadine.
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Locations :
  • Hullvatn near Kragerö (Norway) as fist sized crystals.
  • Fauske (Norway) with staurolite.
  • In schist in the fjells.

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