Welcome to the Scandinavian mineral gallery.

Bornite from Fröå
Hello, nice you could drop by!
Calcite in stilbite from Malmberget

You are welcome to my humble mineral collection.
I have a collection in my apartment that's sorted systematically, but since this is such a flexible media, it is possible to browse my collection in a number of ways.

Please be patient, many links doesn't work and many pages is in an early stage of development. If there is something you want me to give proirity to, send me a letter with the request.
This site is under constant development, but with nearly 400 pages and 450 pictures, it should contain something of interest.
I haven't made much work on this site the last two years, other interests have taken all my time. I hope it will change in the near future.

  For the latest news on this site, check the news page that tracks the development of this site. Every addition or major change will be listed here.

I am always open for trade or to sell some minerals (It helps keeping my car running) if you are interested in obtaining some of the stones, drop me a letter and I try to answer it as fast as I can.
If you don't get a reply in a couple of days, remind me because I get tons of spam on my email and sometimes legitime mails get lost in the mess.

  • Travel reports

    (with pictures)
    Finland : Minerals from the trip to Finland with VAGS 1997.
    Norway : Minerals from my trip to Norway in 1997.
    Bergslagen -97 : The result from a week in Bergslagen 1997.

    Bergslagen -98 : This year I went to Bergslagen with VAGS.

  • Locality list

    This is a locality register (with pictures) over places I have visited or like to visit.

  • Mineral list

    A systematic mineral list (or alphabetically) (with pictures)
    It will someday contain descriptions of all Scandinavian minerals.
    I work on it whenever I have time, but for the time being it's not so complete (about 290 minerals described).

  • Future trip list

    Planned trips. I hope it will be a long summer ;-)
    If you are interested in joining me to some place, drop me a note.
    It is now in the middle of the winter and there are a couple of months before the outdoor season begins.
    The summer of 2004 seems to contain the following journeys.
    • As every year I go to Bjurholm with the amateur geology society for panning gold. Anyone interested is invited and the only thing you need to bring is good mood and boots.
    • Hemavan over a weekend in the middle of the summer. Tetradymite in the Joeström area. Kyanite, staurolite and ankerite in Laisaliden.
    • The big trip with the club this summer is to the southern part of Sweden.
      Preliminary we will visit Långban, Garpenberg, Bastnäs and a couple of more mines in Bergslagen.
    • Sundsvall with a lot of interesting mineral paragenesis at the Alnön alkaline complex.
    • Ultevis in the spring, to visit the Rakten area again.
    • Storliden and Maurliden are two active mines in the Skellefte mining field. In Storliden you could find massive arsenic and Maurliden got nice but rare Jamesonite.

  • Photo library of minerals

    This photo library is a list of all the pictures of the other pages, all pictures here is found in other places of this archive. The pictures are sorted in numerical order. If anyone like to take a look into this mess, you are welcome.

  • Photo album

    Photo album of various mineral related visits.

  • Various pages

    Odd minerals and pages.

  • Minerals for sale

    I have started to sell off some parts of my excess minerals, some on my website and some on ebay. See my list of what's available.
    Of course I have a lot I haven't shown yet. Feel free to ask if there is something you are looking for.

The background is a piece of rosy quartz, probably from the Bjurholm area, about 80 km from Umeå. I found it at the backyard together with some other stones, but that is a totally different story.

The so popular link list is reduced to some few good links, there's other that's better than me to collect links.

If you have some questions, suggestions or comments you are welcome to write me a line or two.

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